Thursday, March 12, 2009

Side pods are back!

Tonight the plugs came back for Car 12's sidepods. Team alumni Jon Luckhardt's uncle was kind enough to offer up the services of his business to do the machining based upon Aero Team Leader James Guitar's design. In record time, the plugs went from blocks of Huntsman Corporation Renshape to the sculpted plugs that you see here.

Thanks to Huntsman Advanced Materials and Jon and his family for their generosity and support of our program!

Go Green. Go White. Go Fast.


Friday, March 6, 2009

Spring Break Team Dinner

Yesterday, Cockpit Team Leader Hillary Gregory kindly made dinner for everyone who have up their spring break to work on Car 12. Thanks HIllary!



This is one of those real world, less-than-flattering shots of someone. In this case, Powertrain Team Leader Drew Darling.

Associate Team Member Scott Smith enjoys some pop before he heads back into the machine shop.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Hours of Operation

Team members continue to leapfrog from class to the race car shop each day to work on Car 12. In case some of you aren't familiar with the average work schedule of an MSU Formula SAE Team member, it goes something like this:

Monday, 5-6 pm: arrive at shop
Monday, 12-3 am: leave shop, barely still awake

Tuesday: Repeat Monday's schedule

Wednesday: Repeat Monday's schedule, include General Team Meeting at 7 pm

Thursday: Repeat Monday's schedule

Friday: Repeat Monday's schedule

Saturday, 10 am: arrive at shop
Saturday: 10 pm-3 am: leave shop, barely still awake

Sunday, 10 am: Team Leader's meeting
Sunday, 11 am: fabrication starts
Sunday, 10 pm-3 am: leave shop, barely still awake

Additionally, all procurement of supplies and sponsorship relations, plus any shipping and receiving of outsourced components, are handled during business hours each weekday.

Here are a few pictures of some of the fabrication that has taken place during these hours and more. Enjoy!


(L to R: Brakes System Team Leader Erik Stitt, Wheel Assy TL Steve Schofield, Chief Engineer Andy Rogers, and Associate Brian Smith working on the uprights for Car 12.)

Brakes System Team Leader Erik Stitt assembles one of the fixtures for Car 12's uprights

Chief Engineer Andy Rogers gives some technical directions to Wheel Assy TL Steve Schofield and Powertrain TL Drew Darling

Upright: A Work In Progress


Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Most Dedicated Team Members: January & February

A tonight's general meeting, the first Most Dedicated Team Members 2009 were announced. As has occasionally happened in the past with this award, we had a tie. Both Scott Smith and Brian Smith worked extremely hard during January, seemingly never leaving the shop. Though this was the case with many people, it was felt amongst senior team members that both Scott and Brian had really distinguished themselves over and above everyone with the time they put into the team and their constant positive work ethic during this month. Congrats to both!

February was a busy month for the team and for Mike O'Brien, the March 2009 Most Dedicated Team Member. Consistently throughout this heavy build month, Mike was at the shop fabricating. His work ethic and productivity set a good example for both new and old team members alike and helped motivate others to work harder. A huge thanks to Mike!