Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Pictures from the day of the Endurance race at Formula SAE West. Also included are Design Finals and a couple of the Awards ceremony.


Car 51 getting scaled prior to the race.

2009 Powertrain Electrical Team Leader Leslie Hodges fixes a last-minute pulled wire

Topside of Nosecone

Heading to the Endurance track.

And we're off with Andy Gryczan at the wheel!

Going through the first slalom


I believe this is Andy's last lap, signaling the mid-point of the race and time for a driver change

Driver Change successful - time for the Goad Show!

Brandon @ mid-track. I was close to the track here and remember hearing the engine absolutely screaming (due to being stuck in 1st gear).

Heading into the final S curve

Hi Goad!

Final lap!

Last round of Design: Powertrain was a hot topic for this event.

2009 Chief Engineer Andy Rogers discusses Car 51's Chassis optimizer, developed by Team Leader Paul Strefling.

Jordan discusses Suspension Kinematics with some of the best.

Chassis discussion

Cooling system questions

Getting tired towards the end of Design.

Note: Andy Gryczan is STILL talking about Powertrain. He talked for approximately 89 minutes and 30 seconds out of the 90 minute round. Fantastic job Andy!

Receiving a final critique from Design Chief Mike O'Neil.
3rd Place: Western Washington Univ., 2nd Place: Univ. of Washington, 1st Place: Michigan State!

Video of the Critique. Credit goes to 2009 Powertrain Mechanical Oiling/Cooling Team Leader Marcus McDuffie for the camera work.

Design Finalists (LtoR: W. Washington, MSU, U.Washington)
Photograph: Miki Hegedon, TU Delft

2008 MSU Formula SAE West Competition Team
Photograph: Miki Hegedon, TU Delft

A series of two: our dedicated Faculty Advisor, Dr. Gary Cloud, simply known as "Doc" to those of us on the team, receiving the SCCA Carroll Smith Mentor's Cup. Since 1999, the Mentor's Cup has been given annually to the most dedicated Faculty Advisor in the Formula SAE series. Congratulations to Doc - you definitely deserve it! We cannot say thank you enough for everything you do for the team.

Leaving Auto Club Speedway.

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