Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Sponsor Drive

As the fall leaves began to change fully from green to orange and brown, we hosted one of the team's oldest traditions: the Sponsor Drive. Despite the name, the event is really a gathering for team member's families, alumni, friends, fans and of course, the people who make all of this possible; sponsors.

In some past years, the weather for the Sponsor Drive hasn't been very pleasant. Even rain and hail have frequented us. But this year, the only problems that we encountered were too much sun and too warm of temperatures. Below are some pictures of the event.


Team alum and Pratt & Miller Engineering employee Ben LeVesque with 2009 Powertrain Team Leader Drew Darling

Team alum and Pratt & Miller Engineering employee John Lankes makes the first laps of the day in 2007 Car 9

Brian Gruber (L) and Ken Wallace (R) from Platinum Sponsor Demmer Corporation take a look at the packaging on Car 51

Aerodynamics Team Leader Jim Guitar talks with his father; In-kind Sponsor Ralph Guitar from Performance Plus of Kalamzoo

Ken Wallace, Chief Engineer on our project at Platinum Sponsor Demmer Corporation

Friends from Sakor and PME

It was very sunny out

In addition to the sweet sound of the race cars, we listened to music from the Jukebox provided by Zemke Operated Machines

Thank you to all of the sponsors of this year's Sponsor Drive: MSU Pavilion, Michigan International Speedway, Zemke Operated Machines, MSU Landscaping, Foto 1 Imaging, The Center for Spartan Engineering, Mr. Craig Gunn, MSU Museum, and EZ Party Rentals.

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