Saturday, February 21, 2009

Progress on Car 12 continues

It's been a little while since we posted up pictures of what team members spend the vast majority of their time doing: fabrication. Here are a few pictures highlighting the many late nights that have carried through into early mornings for team members of the past few weeks.

Go Green. Go White. Go Fast.


Cockpit Team Leader Hillary Gregory and Associate Team Member Adrienne Burger work together to manufacture Car 12's all carbon fiber steering wheel.

Removing the VARTM material from Car 12's undertray (L to R: Brian Smith, Andy Rogers, Hillary Gregory, James Guitar, Jordan Smart, Jordan Guitar)

Associate Andrew Mozer works on some of the finishing touches on Aero Team Leader James Guitar's undertray for Car 12.

A few frontal impact attenuators, post testing. Physical testing of each Formula SAE entry's front impact attenuator is required by SAE. The design, manufacturing and testing of these pieces and the corresponding fixture to test them with has occupied many hours of Cockpit Team Leader Hillary Gregory and Associate Adrienne Burger's time since the late fall months.

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