Sunday, December 14, 2008

Uni, Part II

Last week, we got a very exciting call from Ken Wallace at one of our Platinum Sponsors; Demmer Corporation. He called to give one simple message: the monocoque plugs were done!

Here are some pictures just after the plugs came back from being machined. Over the next several weeks, team members will spend hours sanding, priming, and sanding the plugs until they are smooth enough to lay up Car 12's chassis molds.

A HUGE thanks to the Demmer family and all of the people at Demmer Corporation, especially Ken Wallace, Jeane Royale, Justin Judge, Roger Smith and Mark Lehman for handling all of the work necessary to make this very important step of Car 12, complete. Below are some pictures of the plugs taken the day of pick-up.

Go Green. Go White. Go Fast.


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