Thursday, August 27, 2009

Logic Supply

Big thanks to Logic Supply who donated the computer for Car 12! The computer is utilized as an on-board Telemetry Computer which reads in the data from our Data Logger and Engine Controller Unit (ECU) via the available USB ports. Utilizing the on-board system allows the team to increase the efficiency of testing sessions with the ability to review engine parameters and various other data channels in real, time via a USB radio modem, without having to sacrifice the conditions produced by simulated endurance sessions. Additionally, trackside engineers can diagnose any conditions or problems without driver distraction. This compact unit is light and easily packages into our chassis and electrical system, thereby minimizing the weight added to the car and demand on the electrical system. As an investment, the future of our telemetry computer will involve remote adjustment of control systems with prescribed parameters to help us understand how our car responds to our engine control systems and quickly determine how to adjust our control systems to give us the fastest times on the track. Our telemetry computer gives us the advantage we need to take home the 1st place trophy.

Go Green, Go White, Go Fast!

Josh Frontiera

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