Friday, May 16, 2008

Scrutineering and Static Events

Sorry about my delay in posting, folks.

Team members Hillary Gregory, Jamie Yeung, Marcus McDuffie and I arrived at MIS early on Wednesday morning to meet the trailer and our driver, Jerry Huehl, and get the paddock set-up. Cold and rain, typical of this competition, plagued teams yet again who arrived on Wednesday. Thankfully, the majority of our set-up took place inside of our trailer, so we only had to deal with damp, cold conditions, as opposed to drenched ones.

The racecar and remainder of the team arrived late in the morning, and we finished paddock set-up and headed to our first event: Scrutineering (also known as Technical Inspection). This event is the first event that teams must go through upon arriving at each Formula SAE competition. Essentially, Scrutineering is simply a check as to whether or not each vehicle is safe and compliant with the rules.

Thankfully, there weren't any big problems with Car 51, but we did have to modify a few small items. One did require some welding, and, as it was late in the day on Wednesday when we left the event, we decided to complete the changes back at the shop in Okemos.

Below are a few pictures from the first day, enjoy!

Go Green. Go White. Go Fast.


Our home for the next several days: Michigan International Speedway

View from inside the trailer

A Good representation of Wednesday's weather

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