Tuesday, June 17, 2008

On-campus testing session, our final one before FSAE West!

Last Saturday, team members spent the day at Lot 89 on the MSU campus performing a final testing session with Car 51 before it leaves in the semi on Thursday. The main purposes of the day were to try to reduce a bit of oversteer that was detected by driver Brandon Goad last weekend, and to allow Driving Team Leader Andy Gryczan some much needed seat time in the race car.

The weather of the day was beautiful, albeit a bit cooler than the temperatures we should see out West in the next two weeks. Nevertheless, it was a good, solid day of driving for Andy.

Sunday was met with cooler temperatures - perfect for standing outside watching the car, but not as beneficial for obtaining accurate simulation of racing in the warmer Los Angeles-area climate. Although we were disappointed that last-minute transportation issues prevented us from bringing a car to Eyes on Design, we were able to make use of our last day on campus by practicing some Acceleration and Skidpad runs with drivers Scott Williams and Jordan Smart.

As I write this, team members are packing it in for the night - after spending the evening performing final maintenance procedures on Car 51. We'll spend the next two days cleaning the race car and packing the semi for it's journey west.

Here are a few pictures from Saturday to tie you over until our next update. A special thank you to the MSU Department of Police and Public Safety for blocking the lot off for us - it was a huge help.

Go Green. Go White. Go Fast.


Driving & Powertrain-Mechanical Team Leader Andy Gryczan navigating the North-central portion of Lot 89

Coming into the front straight away

At speed

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