Friday, June 27, 2008

Static Events

Today was the first day of static events at Formula SAE West. As we don't have scores in yet, I can't comment for sure on our standing thus far in the competition. However, I will tell you that I saw all three events today: Presentation, Cost/Manufacturing and Design, and felt that they went very well. In fact, Design preliminaries went so well that we were asked back for semi-finals.

Additionally, we completed the final three steps in Scrutineering: passing the Braking, Noise and Tilt tests. Suspension Team Leader Jordan Smart completed the sufficient braking lock-up on his second try, and Car 51 blew 108 decibels (maximum allowable emitted sound is 110 db) in the noise test, thereby allowing us to obtain the other two parts to our three-part inspection sticker.

Tomorrow is the day of the first three dynamic events, or events where the car is in motion. These include Acceleration, Skidpad and Autocross. As Formula SAE is really an educational competition that tests participants and the vehicles that they've brought, each dynamic event poses a different test and reason for running in it.

Skidpad, consisting of a large figure-8 course, is designed to test each cars' lateral acceleration. The easiest way to think of this is that it tests how fast each car can travel around a corner.

Acceleration, consisting of a 75 meter inline sprint, is essentially a drag race that is meant to test each vehicle's inline acceleration from rest.

Autocross. Formula SAE cars are designed and built primarily for autocross courses; road-style race courses that feature short straightaways and very tight corners. The spirit behind FSAE has always been to create vehicles to own for an affordable racing endeavor; something the weekend 'enthusiast' can go out and use without breaking the bank. The most affordable type of road racing is, by a vast majority, autocrossing.

It's quite late, so that's about it for now. Below are some pictures from today. Enjoy!

Go Green. Go White. Go Fast.


Getting set up for Cost/Manufacturing

Scott Williams reviews the Braking system design with a judge in Design Preliminaries

Powertrain Mechanical Team Leader Andy Gryczan discusses his system with a judge, also in Preliminaries.

Car on stands in Design Semi-finals

2009 Powertrain Intake/Exhaust Team Leader Drew Darling explains the innovations to Car 51's driveline system to design judge Chris Weismann

Discussing Car 51's dual-radiator cooling system

Powertrain evaluation (Andy Gryczan, design judge)

Car 51's nose. A special thanks to Lindsay Exhibit Group of Whitmore Lake, MI, and to owner Scott Lindsay for kindly sponsoring us with the grey pop-up display wall that you see here for this competition. Also, many thanks to Foto 1 Imaging for their work in printing our display boards, especially in such a timely fashion. The combination have worked perfectly for static events thus far.

Happily watching Design Semis

Semi trailer in the evening California sun

Leaving the race track

Dinner with the team from Clemson and our friend Miki from TU Delft

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Sarah said...

I wish I could read your wall boards - they look interesting. You're a sharply professional, confident team. Way to go!

I'm glad you found time to eat.