Friday, June 20, 2008

We're off!

Team members have spent the last three days driving to the shop after work to load the semi for the trip to CA, and at just past noon today, we bid farewell to Car 51...and nearly everything not bolted down in the workshop.

We would like to extend a very special thank you to David Menke, President of America's Transportation Resources, who was gracious enough to supply us with one of his drivers, Darick Clemons, to pilot our tractor trailer out west. We wish Darick the best of luck on his trip and look forward to re-uniting with him and Car 51 in a few days. Drive safe - You have the four-wheel reason that we don't have good grades or social lives resting inside!

Team members will fly out to Los Angeles next Tuesday, as Formula SAE West scrutineering beings first thing in the morning on Wednesday.

Don't forget - it's not too late to still make a pledge to the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Michigan through our Race for a Cause program. As Driving Team Leader Andy Gryczan and Brandon Goad gracefully pilot Car 51 around the Endurance track at Auto Club Speedway next Saturday, all of your pledges will add up to helping to make a wish come true for Kristin, the very special beneficiary of our 2008 Race for a Cause/Make-A-Wish campaign. It is her love of animals that you are supporting - and her dream to work with them by being a zoo keeper for a day. On behalf of all of the members of the 2008 Formula Racing Team, we wish Kristin the absolute best on her special day!

All that you have to do to help make Kristin's dream come true is to visit the Pledge Page on 100% of your contributions go directly to the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Michigan.

Please remember to check back often on the blog as we approach the start of FSAE West; we look forward to sharing updates with you as often as possible.

Go Green. Go White. Go Fast!


Team Member Rachel Hall is the main reason that there are so many logos all over the semi - she organized the entire operation

Car 51 leaves the shop

Thank you David & ATR - we are truly indebted!

And thank you to all of Car 51's partners - especially our Platinum Sponsors: GM, The North American International Auto Show LLC, The Center for Automotive Research, Demmer Corporation, The George P. Johnson Company, and last, but very not least, our beloved College of Engineering!

Enroute to California.

One last thank you - this one goes to Andy Powers and Brian Barnum of the MSU Service garage for their work to get the semi trailer DOT certified thoroughly and quickly.

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Sarah said...

Sweet...your own big rig! Safe travels to your driver, and wishes of good luck and good fun to the team.

-Sarah Peterson (Dr. Cloud's kid)